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The Soulmatics is founded by Shin Ikesue vice principal of Tokyo school of music known as the number 1 gospel group in Japan.


Has a large repertoire from classic gospel to modern gospel and also Pops and R&B to classical music.


SHINee, INFINITE, SUPER JUNIOR, Melonie Daniels, Edwin Hawkins, Richard Hartley,Jaechul Bae and more...



David Bowie Band(Celebrating David Bowie Japan), Mariah Carey(in Boston), Melonie Daniels, Richard Hartley, and more...


Performance in overseas

NewYork International Gospel Festival2016 and 2017, West Angeles Church(Los Angeles), Edwin & Walter Hawkins Music & Arts Fellowship Conference(Chicago), Japanese Embassy in China, Keimyung University in Korea and more...






Because of joy and thanks in singing, we play music to have all of you please in the first place.

We try to keep reasonable price and offer the best quality.

Please feel free to ask about budget, song request, and etc.

To various demands, we suggest performance contents or a rate.


A concert and various events

School concert


Recording and musical piece production

Concert tour support

Lecturer dispatch

Company dispatch

Performance in overseas

A concert and appear on TV and musicals


Please contact us.


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